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Horse Bits

Having the right horse bit for the job can help you better train your horse and improve your control or leverage when needed. With a wide variety of bits, you can find the perfect bit for your next ride. horse bits for sale, horse bits buy, horse bits where to buy, horse bits price, horse bits prices, horse bits sales, horse bits review, horse bits reviews, horse bits, used horse bits.

The bit applies pressure to the horse’s mouth, and reinforces the other control signals from the rider’s legs and weight distribution. A well schooled horse needs little pressure on the bit from a skilled rider. For some horses a bit offers a level of refinement that is too amazing to miss!

Snaffle horse bits are the most popular type of horse bit, as they are used for most disciplines. Snaffle bits provide pressure on the tongue, bars, hard palate, and lips, and the rings provide pressure on the corners of the mouth.

Choose the Best Horse Bits

Using a bit when riding your horse can offer communication, control, and help convey any aids you give your horse. Bits come in many different designs ranging from mild to strong, each with a specific purpose while offering different levels of control or training features when used and fitted properly. Riding with the wrong bit can not only cause behavioral problems but also cause discomfort to your horse.

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