Double S Oiled Leather Trail Saddle

750 $

The Double S Oiled Trail Saddle is a durable all-leather western saddle with an attractive leaf pattern that is meticulously hand-tooled. It has a generously padded suede seat for all-day comfort on the trail and knee guards that cover the cinch hardware. The saddle’s fiberglass tree fits modern horses well, making it comfortable for regular use or long trail rides. This saddle is practical and low-maintenance, and its unique features make it a great choice. Hind Cinch included

  • Hand-tooled leaf pattern offers a unique aesthetic appeal
  • Generously padded suede seat ensures all-day comfort
  • Knee guards cover the cinch, reducing rubbing during long rides
  • Lightweight fiberglass tree makes the saddle easy to handle
  • Semi-Quarter Horse bars accommodate modern horse conformations
  • Gullet Width: 6 1/2″
  • Skirt Width: 14″
  • Skirt Length: 28″
  • Color: Dark Brown